The East Bay ICT Partnership has an explicit bias toward action.  The issues facing us are urgent both for business and for our community.  In response, the business leaders have prioritized two initiatives and is launching collaborative action teams to begin working on clarifying the need and developing regional solutions.

1) Shifting to an Experiential Learning Model

To produce the new skill set required by ICT-intensive companies, there needs to be a major shift in how students learn.  The best way to gain the non-technical skills is to provide students with much more workplace experience as well as curriculum and teaching that emphasizes problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and other attributes.  This model will require a deeper and continuous collaboration between ICT-intensive businesses and education and training institutions and programs.


2) Building New Awareness of and Attracting More People to ICT Careers

We need to change the image, rebrand, and promote ICT beyond just the household names, using creative approaches and spokespeople, reaching both youth and adult career changers.  At the same time, we need to simplify and systematize “talent fulfillment” processes, policies, and infrastructure, connecting companies and with education, training, and other sources of talent referral in the community.

These teams are forming now and will provide updates at the next quarterly meeting on January 18th.  If you are interested in joining either or both action teams, contact Barrie Hathaway at  And, stay tuned for updates!