The East Bay ICT Partnership (EBICT) initiative now boast seventeen business champions representing five business sectors and twenty-six community partners spanning a wide range of education and training providers, industry associations and others.  We are currently in conversation with an additional four business partners and have extended invitations to another fourteen business champions as we round out our sector map and build a regional industry table.  The following tables represent the current state of both the business and community tables.

Our co-chairs, Dave McCandless (Navis, LLC) and Tim Ahern (Workday) have proven to be dedicated business champions and model civic entrepreneurs, providing tactical and strategic direction, modeling the role of the business champion in every way possible.

Thus far, the founding business and community partners have undergone targeted recruitment, vetting and a careful selection process to form the critical mass of dedicated leaders necessary to build the movement.  We are now ready to expand partnership using a streamlined process.  Business leaders who are responsible for hiring ICT (Information and Communications Technology) workers, and community partners who are providing education, training and supportive services in the East Bay are encouraged to join this growing regional collaboration.

If you are interested in joining this important movement, click the "Join Us" button on the home page.